VARIANT (VARIant ANalysis Tool) can report the functional properties of any variant in all the human, mouse or rat genes (and soon new model organisms will be added) and the corresponding neighborhoods. Also other non-coding extra-genic regions, such as miRNAs are included in the analysis.

VARIANT not only reports the obvious functional effects in the coding regions but also analyzes noncoding SNVs situated both within the gene and in the neighborhood that could affect different regulatory motifs, splicing signals, and other structural elements. These include: Jaspar regulatory motifs, miRNA targets, splice sites, exonic splicing silencers, calculations of selective pressures on the particular polymorphic positions, etc.

Software analysis pipelines used in the analysis of NGS data are highly modular, heterogeneous, and rapidly evolving. VARIANT can easily be incorporated into a NGS resequencing pipeline either as a CLI or invoked a webservice. It inputs data directly from the most widely used programs for SNV detection.

VARIANT is now contained inside the HPG Variant suite and known as the effect tool. Please visit http://wiki.opencb.org/projects/hpg/doku.php?id=variant:overview


Head of the Department: Joaquin Dopazo
Project Manager: Ignacio Medina
Bioinformatician: Ignacio Medina, Marta Bleda
Software Developer: Alejandro de MarĂ­a, Cristina Gonzalez, Francisco Salavert, Roberto Alonso