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Application overview

0. Account management
1. View menu
2. Search menu
3. Tracks menu
4. Plugins menu
5. Species menu
6. Chromosome menu
7. Toggle buttons, hide or show related panels.
8. Zoom slider
9. Position text field
10. Quick search field
11. Karyoptype panel
12. Chromosome panel
13. Region panel
14. Information panel
15. Legend information

Basic navigation and searching for a gene or feature

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The fastes way to find a gene or SNP is by using the 10. Quick search field this field will auto-complete with any feature that matches with the query string provided, the completion only will be triggered after the third character is introduced.

Using URL Query Parameters

Supported query parameters:

location chromosome:position, location=13:32889611
zoom number [0,100] multiple of 5, zoom=85
species short name, species=mmu
gene gene name, gene=brca2
snp SNP name, snp=rs9

The parameters can be combined, but if the location or the gene or SNP are provided, as they all suggest a location, only one will be used.
The order of evaluation is: location, gene and SNP. So the SNP has higher priority than the gene and the gene rather than the location.

Example: http://genomemaps.org/?gene=brca1&zoom=65&species=hsa

Howto add DAS source

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Importing a local or remote file into Genome Maps

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Downloading and integrating Genome Maps into your project or resources

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Developing new tracks for custom data

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