IMPORTANT Documentation site has been moved to: http://bioinfo.cipf.es/docs/renato/ This site will be unavailable soon.

RENATO (REgulatory Network Analysis TOol) is a network-based analysis web tool for the interpretation and visualization of transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory information, designed to identify common regulatory elements in a list of genes. RENATO maps these genes to the regulatory network, extracts the corresponding regulatory connections and evaluate each regulator for significant over-representation in the list. Ranked gene lists can also be analysed with RENATO.


Head of the Department: Joaquin Dopazo
Project Manager: Ignacio Medina, Marta Bleda
Bioinformatician: Ignacio Medina, Marta Bleda
Software Developer: Alejandro de MarĂ­a, Francisco Salavert, Joaquin Tarraga, Roberto Alonso