Genes, proteins and regulatory elements operate within an intricate network of interactions. A new paradigm has emerged to study these biological systems, this new holistic paradigm aims to understand how the interactions of the components of biological systems give rise to the function and how they participate in phenotypes and diseases. We are interested in developing new algorithms and tools to model and analize these biological networks.

Many of the algorithms and analysis in Systems Biology can have a high CPU requirements and are implemented in different languages. Besides, databases with biological information can be quite big and heterogenous and are frequently updated. We decide to develope a web-based solution to solve of this problem. CellBrowser web application uses HTML5+SVG standard and run in all modern web browsers without the need of plug-ins or Java Applets. Functionality of tools like Cytoscape have been implemented such as loading diles, attributes o plug-ins framework.

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Head of the Department: Joaquin Dopazo
Project Manager: Ignacio Medina, Patricia Diaz
Scientific Programmer: Ignacio Medina
Software Developer: Francisco Salavert, Ruben Sanchez