Upload data documentation

You should use this form to upload any datafile you want to analyze using Babelomics.

You will first select the file from you computer and next indicate the type of data tags that you are uploading. Knowing this assumed type, Babelomics performs several format validations to make sure that everything is correct. In this way Babelomics avoids future computational errors when analyzing the data. More interestingly, having all data files classified by their type, Babelomics will know which of them you can use in each step of your analysis.

Several description fields can be attached to each of the files your are uploading. In particular a Data name is always compulsory.

By clicking un the Upload button we can open the Web form for uploading and validate the data file:

Upload button

Data format selection

In this new version of Babelomics you have to assign a tag or a set of tags to any data, this meta information will be used for:

  • data validation once the file is uploaded, and
  • in the different tools for data filtering, by doing this we will avoid that you launch some jobs with incompatible data.

For selecting data tags everything you hav to do is to click on 'select format' button and select one of the options

Babelomics 4 data format

Data info

You can also add some extra information about your data

Babelomics 4 data info

Note: Babelomics only allows these characters: "a_z A_Z 0_9" in your original names of your inputs data (can not use: "&/%()$...)

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