Association Output

Result Section

Here you will find the result generated by the association tool, plain-text and space-delimited data files.
After use one of the five proposed methods Chi-square, Fisher, Linear, Logistic or tdt you will get 3 links to different files, where the first link gets the main info of the results.
Most files will have the same number of fields per line and will have the field names in the first line, facilitating use of a spreadsheet to view and process the results.


  • List of heterozygous haploid genotypes (plink.hh)
    This file contains a list of heterozygous haploid genotypes as the name itself indicates.
  • log file from PLINK (plink.log):
    This file contains the history of the different steps that association process has carried out. Very useful when a process is not working to see in which step has stopped the process.

Other actions

  • Input data form: Association tool opens the input form with the same parameters that the user used for this experiment before. It is a feature to permit the re-running of the same experiment but varying some of the parameters of the experiment or the methodology used before.