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Patricia Sebastian, 05/31/2010 12:10 pm

Id converter output

Results in a single file

  • ID conversion: A downloadable text file with the results of the identifiers conversions for all the selected databases. This file is a tab-formed file. The header has in the first position #NAMES. This is the input identifiers. The following headers names, are the names of the selected databases.

ID conversion tables

  • ID conversion table: A downloadable individual text file for each database provides results for all input identifiers. In addition, the tool provides a table that has the name of the output database in the top row and data is presented column-wise, the first column for the input gene or protein identifier and the second for the translation identifier. Each table can have more than one page explorable through the bottom right buttons and can be sorted by the input or output identifiers.

Other actions

  • Open input form: Id converter opens the input form with the same parameters that the user used for this experiment before. It is a feature to permit the re-running of the same experiment but varying some of the parameters of the experiment.