ID converter Input Form

Online examples

Here you can load small datasets from our server. You can use them to run examples and see how the tool works. Click on the links to load the data.

  • Example 1: ID converter demo Is a list of GeneName (HGNC Symbol) of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. With this analysis we can convert these identifiers to other databases.

Select your data

Here you can select the list of identifiers you want to convert. You should have uploaded it previously using the Upload Menu in Babelomics and tagged it with the idlist data type. If you do not load any data, the tool uses all the genome as input data.

Select your organism

Here you can select in a wide range of species your organism of interest.

Select output IDs

You can select any number databases which you want your list of identifiers to be converted on. The databases are grouped by these types:

  • Microarray Probeset
  • Other
  • Pathway
  • Regulatory region
  • Functional annotation
  • Identifier

Output format

Here you can select the format of your output data. You can choose one of these options:

  • Compact: Each input identifier and its correspondences are grouped in the same line.
CYP2C8     IPI00290301
CYP2C19    IPI00013323, IPI00657852
NR1I3      IPI00001687, IPI00418379, IPI00434598, IPI00815775
  • Extended: An output correspondence per line. If an input identifier corresponds with more than one output identifier, each correspondence is showed in a different line.
CYP2C8     IPI00290301
CYP2C19    IPI00013323
CYP2C19    IPI00657852
NR1I3      IPI00001687
NR1I3      IPI00418379
NR1I3      IPI00434598
NR1I3      IPI00815775


  • Job name. Give a short name to your analysis job
  • Job description. You can use this section to document further the characteristics of this analysis

Its aim is to help you identifying the analysis you are running and distinguishing between several analysis.
To set the name is mandatory but you can leave the description empty if you do not want to use it.


Once all options are set you can run the job. You may get some error message if some parameters are not properly set. If you do, just check the options you have chosen.

See Output results section for details on the result data format and plots.