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Gene Set Analysis Web Form

Online examples

Here you can load small datasets from our server. You can use them to run examples and see how the tool works. Click on the links to load the data.

Select your data

In this section of the form you can select the data you want to analyze. Only data which are tagged as Ranked ID list can be analyzed in Babelomics Gene Set Analysis Tools.

Generally you will perform a Gene Set Analysis over some data you will have created using some other Babelomics tool, like for instance the Expression tools. Then some of the files that resulted from such previous analysis will be tagged as Ranked ID.

Otherwise, you may uploaded any Ranked ID list you want using the Upload Menu in Babelomics or you can follow the link "Or go to Upload Data form" and it will take you to the Upload Menu.


Select the test you want to use:

  • Logistic model: used logistic models to find association of each functional bloc with the high or low values of the ranked list.
  • Fatiscan: the classical Babelomics partitioning test. Uses a Fisher exact test over a collection of partitions of the ranked list of genes.

See METHODS section for details on the algorithms.

See RESULTS section for details on the result data format.


Here you can choose which databases are to be used in your gene set analysis.

After selecting the organism you are studying, you will be able to choose among those databases that are available in Babelomics for it.

All databases can be filtered before the analysis follofing the options link.


Here you can set a name and a description for the analysis you are running. To set the name is mandatory but you can leave the description empty if you do not want to use it.


Once all options are set you can run the job. You may get some error message if some parameters are not properly set. If you do, just check the options you have chosen.