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Francisco Garcia, 05/30/2010 06:32 pm

Correlation output

Input parameters

In this section you will find a reminder of the parameters or settings you have used to run the analysis.

Output files

In the output file link you will find a text file with results of the analysis. In general this file will have a first column of gene identifiers followed by some more columns of estimate statistics, their respective p-values, raw and corrected (see multiple testing section) and some other results. Since each particular statistical method reports different parameters, the exact layout of the results file depends on the method that you applied to your data.

The way genes are ordered in the results files is thought to be statistically meaningful according to the method used in the analysis. It also tries to be most meaningful for the biological interpretation of the results.

Significative results

List of genes and heatmap including only significative results.

In any analysis you run, we will provide a grid image representing your data. Each gene is represented in a row and each condition or array is represented in a column. High intensity measurements of gene expression are represented in red colors while blue colors represent lower measurements. Genes are sorted according to their expression patterns in the same order as they are in the output file. Experimental conditions or arrays are ordered depending on their labels.

Continue processing

In this section you will send directly your results to other tools in Babelomics.

Other actions

Useful option to open the form again.