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Alicia Amadoz, 05/31/2010 09:04 am

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Clustering Results

Input parameters

In this section you will find a reminder of the parameters or settings you have used to run the analysis.

Clusters in newick format

Here you will find result data files containing gene and sample clusters in newick format.

Cluster images

For each type of clustering method used, Babelomics will provide the following image in png format:

  • Heatmap with gene and sample dendrograms representing clusters. Only shown if input data has 1000 genes at the most.

heatmap test result

Continue processing

When selecting a node within genes dendrogram of heatmap image, an option turns up to send the selected cluster to Fatigo analysis.
The selected node will be the one which has its root nearer to the mouse cursor.

Other actions

In this section you will find some links that will take you to further analysis steps proposed by Babelomics.

You do not have to follow them necessarily if you do not intend to do such analysis. Moreover, there will be many other analyses that can be done trough the general Babelomics menu but will not be linked here.

heatmap_test.png - heatmap test result (5.6 kB) Alicia Amadoz, 05/20/2010 03:34 pm