Blast2GO input form

Online examples

Here you can load a datasets from our server. You can use it to explore the different features of the tools, to learn how to use it and see the results which can be obtained. Click on the link to load the dataset and to fill the web-form with the corresponding data.

  • Example: A dataset containing the BLAST results of 100 nucleic-acid sequences form a citrus dataset in XML format.


Select your data

Sequence description

Annotation rule

Evidence Codes


  • Job name. Give a short name to your analysis job
  • Job description. You can use this section to document further the characteristics of this analysis

Its aim is to help you identifying the analysis you are running and distinguishing between several analysis.
To set the name is mandatory but you can leave the description empty if you do not want to use it.


Once all options are set you can run the job. You may get some error message if some parameters are not properly set. If you do, just check the options you have chosen.

See Output form section for details on the result data format and plots.