Citing Babelomics

To cite Babelomics 4.0 in publications please use the following article:

Medina I, Carbonell J, Pulido L, Madeira S, Goetz S, Conesa A, Tárraga J, Pascual-Montano A, Nogales-Cadenas R, Santoyo J, García F, Marbà M, Montaner D and Dopazo J (2010).
Babelomics: an integrative platform for the analysis of transcriptomics, proteomics and genomic data with advanced functional profiling.
Nucleic Acids Research (Web Server issue)

Babelomics Resources

  • Babelomics Tutorial: A Wiki for detailed information of the web functionality and worked examples has been built here

Web usage

  • Upload Data: This is the unique data entry point to Babelomics. All data files you will need to use in your analysis should be uploaded using this form. See documentation
  • How to edit dataset: This form will allow you to modify uploaded data. You can, for instance, add new rows or columns to your numerical matrices.
  • Data types: See all data types that Babelomics deals with; either as input data or as a result output.

Tool methods and WEB forms help

  • Preprocessing: You can find in this menu all tools for data preprocessing, including microarray normalization, id conversion and gene annotation.
  • Expression: Under this section you will find the tools for gene expression analysis including differential gene expression, predictors and class discovery. These tools were previously developed in GEPAS, now integrated into Babelomics. See documentation

Technical information

  • Web services: Work in progress
  • Command Line Interface (CLI): Work in progress
  • Developers: History of the Babelomics 4.0 development SDK


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