Babelomics is a complete suite of web tools for the analysis, integration and interpretation of different types of genomic data.

Babelomics includes methods for the analysis of gene expression data that include normalization (covering the most common commercial platforms), pre-processing, differential gene expression (case-controls, multiclass, survival or continuous values), predictors and different clustering methods.

Genetic data from large-scale genotyping assays (GWAS) can also be analysed in the Babelomics environment. Different genotyping experiments, such as case controls and TDTs can be analyzed. Babelomics also allows for population stratification analysis and correction.

All these genomic data analysis options are integrated and connected to multiple options for the functional interpretation of the genomic data analyzed. Different methods for functional enrichment, gene-set enrichment analysis or pathway-based analysis can be used to understand the functional basis of the genomic data analyzed.

Many sources of biological information, which include functional (GO, KEGG, Biocarta, Reactome, etc.), regulatory (Jaspar, ORegAnno, miRNAs, etc.), text-mining or protein-protein interaction modules can be used for this purpose. Moreover, Babelomics allows for sub-selection of terms in order to test more focused hypothesis. Also gene-annotation tables can be imported, which allows testing with user-defined functional modules.

Finally, a tool for de novo functional annotation of sequences has been included in the system. This allows using yet unannotated organisms in the program.

Now Babelomics integrates the genomic data analysis options offered by GEPAS and the functional interpretation possibilities offered by previous Babelomics versions and includes many new features, data types and improvements.

Babelomics has become a unique tool of data analysis, integration and functional interpretation.

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Babelomics 4.0.1 released
A maintenance bug fix release of Babelomics 4
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VI International Course of Massive Data Analysis
6th Edition of the MDA course in CIPF (Valencia)
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Babelomics 4.0 release!
GEPAS suite has been merged in this new release of Babelomics with many new features and improvements
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